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Your comfortable home starts with True R-Value! We’ve got years of experience in making sure your home is more comfortable, healthy and energy efficient — starting with your home’s attic.

Whole Home Solutions Start in the Attic

While we are trained in looking at your whole house as a system, we’ve found that in our hot, humid area, tackling the attic really solves an array of issues. Our approach to attics is “seal it tight and insulate it right!” Many issues begin in your home’s attic space, and we know that our approach can make a big improvement in home energy savings, durability, comfort and health.

Home Energy Savings

We’ll begin with an energy audit to determine some of the problem areas and identify where air sealing should be concentrated and how how much insulation is required. Our technicians will remove the old, inefficient attic insulation, complete attic air sealing using low-pressure spray foam and then install new attic insulation at the recommended depth to keep costs down and comfort up.

Our Passion is Your Home’s Efficiency

The powerful combination of energy audits, attic air sealing and attic insulation replacement offers a lot of benefits with just one installation, including providing a healthy home for your family, energy conservation and efficiency.

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Attic Air Sealing

True R-Value, Attic Air Sealing, TX

There are several reasons why we think it makes sense to air seal your attic. The home performance professionals at True R-Value can improve your home’s efficiency and comfort in a number of ways.

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